St Albans City team pictures through the seasons. Some good quality, some not so good and a unfortunately there are few seasons missing either as a team photo wasn't taken or we don't have one. We have also included pictures from the original St Albans club, youth pictures where they feature future 1st team members and reserves. Please contact us using the form at the foot of the home page if you have any pictures to add or can name the unknown faces.

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1884 85

St Albans (Original Club)
C.Toooms, Alec Sargent, Smith, Cecil Hugh Aylen, C.H. Marriott, E.Halsey
Fred Gentle, Fred Sargent, Jack Villiers, W.Hatch, H.T. Smith, Richard Cook
Alfred Sargent, Paul Ashby
The original St Albans Football Club ran from 1881-1904

1891-92 1891 92 copy

St Albans (Original Club)
Fred Gentle (Referee, Landlord of the Crystal Palace PH), Jack Dickerson, J.H. Gray, Thomas James Smith, Ernest Northern Sharpe, Rev Charles William Bennett, Mike Sharp
John William Sharpe, James William Dickson, Sandford Ffolliott Pierpoint Moore, Aubrey Hyndford More
Frank Mardall, Herbert Edward Elliott
The original St Albans Football Club ran from 1881-1904


St. Albans 1894 95 copy

St Albans (Original Club)
Harry Payne, W. Alec Sargent, Walter Giddings, Ernest Northern Sharpe, Frank Mardall, Cecil Hugh Aylen, Harry R. Laughton, W. Jock Francis, Herbert Vinsen
John William Sharpe, Jack Dickerson, James William Dickson, Arthur Taylor, Joe J Heath
Vampires 0-1 St Albans
FA Cup 1st Round Qualifying
13th October 1894
Hermitage Grounds, Norbury
The original St Albans Football Club ran from 1881-1904


St. Albans 1895 96 copy

St Albans (Original Club)
George Hartley (Trainer), Walter Giddings, John William Sharpe snr, Herbert Vinsen, Ernest Northern Sharpe, C.T. Moon, Tyrell Paul Margetson, Alfred Ernest Hoy, Harry Payne, Robert Banting Paten, Field, James William Dickson
Harry Laughton, Bert Sanders, Jack Dickerson, John William Sharpe jnr, Arthur Taylor
Fred Allen, Roland Brown
St Albans 3-0 St Bartholomew's
14th March 1896
The original St Albans Football Club ran from 1881-1904


St Albans Amateurs 1900 01 with Mid Herts League championship shield

St Albans Amateurs
Winners of the Mid Herts League
Players unidentified


1909 10Arthur Marshall*, George Webb , Herbert Smith, Charles Patrick, Bob Fox (hon. treasurer)
George Hartley, Webb Richardson, Eddie Anderson , George Price, Jack Squires, Harry Gray*, A.Welch*
Les Hosier, Tommy Knott, Willy Hughes, George Butcher , Tommy Walker
Trophy: Herts Charity Cup
*Committee Members


1911 12 Champions Spartan League copy

Players: Fred Palmer, Sammy Hatton, Herbert Smith, Jimmy Brandham, Ernest Grimsdell , George Meagher, George Hartley (Trainer)
Leslie Hosier, Archie Michell, George Edmonds, Arthur Wiggs , Oliver Summers


1912 13 Bingham Cox Cup Winners Michael Bing copy

Fred Halsey, Arthur Gathard, C.Suitters, K.O'Brien, William Flint, Bob Fox (Hon. Secretary & Hon. Treasurer), Jack Hillier, H.Jefferies, A.Barker, Albert Trulock, W.Bates (Assistant Hon. Secretary)
H.Wilks, Willie Paul, Jim Broughall, Charlie Paul, Arthur Wiggs
Trophy: Bingham Cox Cup


1912 13 cricket pavilion copy

A.Sibley*, Reg Simms, G.Marsh, K.O'Brien, Fred Palmer, Arthur Wiggs , Willie Paul, Albert Trulock, Jim Broughall, W.Bates*, Frank Rathbone
George Hartley (Trainer), Arthur Marshall, G.Wilkes, Arthur Gathard, C.Suitters, Charlie Wiggs, Jack Hillier, Herbert Smith, A.Barker, Dickie Hammond, William Flint, Robert Fox (Hon. Secretary & Hon. Treasurer), Fred Halsey (Reserve Team Trainer)
Harry Gray*, Leslie Hosier, Jimmy Brandham, George Edmonds, Ernest Grimsdell , George Meagher, Charlie Paul, Bob Jeffries, W.Clark, E.Little*
Trophies: Bingham Cox Cup. Spartan League Championship. Herts Charity Cup.


1913 14 SAC Reserves straight copy

St Albans City Reserves
Bob Jeffries, William Flint, Walter West
Fred Halsey (Trainer), L.Garner*, Albert Trulock, K.O'Brien, A.Barker, John 'Jack' Rainsden, Percy George Staines
H.Wilkes, H.Waller, P.Walker, Albert Furness, Charlie Wiggs
Trophies: Herts Junior Cup. Mid Herts League Championship.
*Committee Member


1919 20 20 03 1920 copy

George Hartley (Trainer), William Green*, E.Little*, Sammy Hatton, Herbert 'Micker' Smith, Tommy Field, Harry Gray*, Frederick Martin*
Phil Pierce, Willie Paul, Harold Figg, Bertie Butcher, Albert Furness
Harold Chipperfield, Tommy Christmas, George Meagher
St Albans City 9-1 Newportonians
Spartan League
20th March 1920, Clarence Park
*Committee Members


1920 21 1 copy

H.Higgins*, C.Fearn*, Harold Chipperfield, Tommy Field, W.Innes Tennent, Arthur Webdale, Eddie Anderson , C.Cawley*, F.Cooper, T.Ashby*
Harry Gray (Hon. Secretary), Harold Figg, Percy Bird, George Meagher, T.Thrale*, William J. Green*
Herbert Jones (Trainer), Phil Pierce, Bertie Butcher, Wilfred Minter, J.Billington, Ted Miller
*Committee Members


1921 22 Team on Cricket pitchFeb copy

Herbert Jones (Trainer), Phil Pierce, Harold Figg, Fred Holland, W.Innes Tennent, Tommy Field, Percy Bird, Harry Hankey
Bertie Butcher, Wilfred Minter, George Meagher, Ted Miller, Redvers Miller
St Albans City 2-2 Dulwich Hamlet
F.A. Amateur Cup 3rd Round. Att: 7,440
11th February 1922, Clarence Park


1921 22 back of stand copy

Herbert Jones (Trainer), Percy Bird, Harold Figg, Fred Holland, W.Hempsall, Tommy Field, George Meagher, Harry Hankey
Phil Pierce, Bertie Butcher, Wilfred Minter, Redvers Miller, Ted Miller


1921 22 large bw copy

Fred Holland, Sid Bird, Tommy Field
Herbert Jones (Trainer), Harry Gray (Hon. Secretary), T.Ashby*, Harry Hankey, Percy Birrd, George Meagher, C.Cawley, William Green*
H.Higgins*, Phil Pierce, Bertie Butcher, Wilfred Minter, Ted Miller, Redvers Miller, Arthur Marshall*
Trophies: Herts Charity Cup. Athenian League Championship


Hertfordshire SCACf 29 04 1922b copy

Essex v Hertfordshire
Len Morrison, Eddie Anderson (Hon. Secretary Referees' Herts County League), R.Cooper (Cheshunt), Cecil Cannon (Hitchin Blue Cross), Harry Hankey (St Albans City), Tommy Field (St Albans City), Ernest Scott (Hon Secretary Herts F.A.)
F.Dear (Welwyn), Bertie Butcher (St Albans City), Harold Figg (St Albans City), W.T. Coles (Corinthians), Wilfred Minter (St Albans City), Redvers Miller (St Albans City), B.Saggers (Walkern)
Essex 2-1 Hertfordshire
Southern Counties Amateur Championship Final
1st May 1922. Att: 3,000
Newbury Park, Ilford


1922 23 with car copy

Herbert Jones (Trainer), F.Cooper*, Wilf Coutanche, Harold Figg, Percy Bird, Ted Barnes, Fred Holland, Fred Hellicar, Arthur Marshall,
Phil Pierce, George Meagher, Wilfred Minter, Ted Miller, Redvers Miller
St Albans City 4-1 Barking Town
F.A. Amateur Cup 3rd Round. Att: 5,500
17th February 1923, Clarence Park


1922 23 Kenilworth Road ACsf 17 03 1923 copy

Herbert Jones (Trainer), Fred Holland, Percy Bird, Ted Barnes, Harold Figg, Wilf Coutanche, George Meagher, Fred Hellicar
Phil Pierce, Bertie Butcher, Wilfred Minter, Ted Miller, Redvers Miller
London Caledonians 2-0 St Albans City
F.A. Amateur Cup semi-final. Att: 13.950
17th March 1923, Kenilworth Road, Luton


1923 24 Champions copy

Bert Samson, Ted Barnes, Fred Holland
Ted Keightley (Trainer), Percy Bird, Harold Figg, Fred Hellicar, William J. Green (Hon. Secretary), Sid Duller
Fred Dear, George Biswell, Wilfred Minter, Ted Miller, Redvers Miller
*Committee Member


St Albans City Southall ACsf 14 03 1925 copy

Ted Keightley (Trainer), Harold Figg, Bert Samson, Cecil Cannon, Percy Bird, Fred Holland, Fred Hellicar, William J. Green (Hon. Secretary
Fred Dear, George Biswell, Wilfred Minter, Redvers Miller, Wally Buckingham


1924 25 Isthmian Team copy

The Isthmian League v The Corinthians
Isthmian League team:
J. McCree (London Caledonians), A.F.Barrett (Leytonstone), J.W.Booker (Nunhead), Cecil Cannon (St Albans City)Fred Holland (St Albans City), E.A.Penstone (Clapton) Ted Keightley (Trainer - St Albans City)
Harold Figg (St Albans City)Wilfred Minter (St Albans City), E.I.L.Kail (Dulwich Hamlet), Redvers Miller (St Albans City), W.R.Bellamy (Tufnell Park)
Isthmian League 2-2 The Corinthians
26th December 1924


1925 26 v Ferryhill Athletic 27 02 1926 copy

William J Green (Hon. Secretary), Harold Figg, Percy Bird, George Anderson, Cecil Cannon, Sid Dullerk, Ted Keightley (Trainer)
Percy Winter, Alf Bishop, Wilfred Minter, Fred Dear, Fred Hellicar, Wally Buckingham
St Albans City 4-1 FerryHill Athletic
F.A. Amateur Cup 4th Round. Att: 9,757
27th February 1926


1925 26 England Amateur

England Amateur International
William Bryant (Millwall), Thomas Cable (Leyton), Frank Twine (The Army), A.M. Russell (Cambridge University), Eric Gates (London Caledonians), Fred Ewer ((Corinthians)
Kenneth Hegan (The Army), Wilfred Minter (St Albans City), Frank Hartley (Oxford City), Ralph Smith (Stockton), W.S. Fairclough (Northern Nomads)
Wales 1-2 England
20th March 1926. Att: 5,000
Racecourse Ground, Wrexham


1925 26 Reserves

St Albans City Reserves
Bill Seabrook (Assistant Hon. Secretary), Fred Anderson, Charlie Warby, Reg Kingham, Albert Runchman, n/k, n/k, n/k, n/k
W.Ware, Leslie Holt, Charlie Burges, Jack Richardson, G.Atkins
n/k - not known


1926 27 Feb 12 copy

George Butcher , George Odell, Harold Figg, Cecil Cannon, Sid Duller, Fred Hellicar, George Anderson, William J Green (Hon. Secretary)
Percy Winter, Ken Seabrook, Wilfred Minter, Wally Buckingham , Roy Bethell
St Albans City 0-2 Crook Town
F.A. Amateur Cup 2nd Round. Att: 7,418
12th February 1927


1927 28 copy

William J Green (Hon Secretary), n/k, H.Mead, Harold Figg, Albert Martin+, R.Robinson, Len Coulson, Albert Ward, Ken Seabrooke, W.Leach, Fred Holland, Fred Hellicar, Ted Atha+, Leslie Hosier, George Butcher , Atkins (Trainer)
Phil Pierce, L.Oates, Wilfred Minter, W.Shaw, Wally Buckingham
St Albans City 1-2 Clapton
Isthmian League
5th May 1928, Clarence Park
+ Subject to confirmation


1927 28 Guernsey copy

C.B. Burgess, Eddie Anderson *, n/k, n/k, n/k, n/k
n/k, Fred Dunham, Freddie Flint, n/k, Bill Holt, Leslie Hosier*
Stan Johnson, Percy Winter, n/k, n/k, Bill Seabrooke, n/k, n/k. n/k
George Butcher , Fred Holland, W.Brewer, Len Coulson, W.Shaw, Fred Hellicar, Wilfred Minter, Harold Figg, Bert Saggers, Wally Buckingham , Albert Ward
Victory Cup Winners
Channel Island Tour, 7th April 1928
The Royal Hotel, Jersey
*Committee Members


1932 33 a copy

Bert Hill (Trainer), W.Haycock, R.Halsey, Herbert Runchman, Wally Gatward, S.Hughes, William J. Green (Hon. Secretary), Harry Williams
Harold Figg, Charlie Bunce , Bill Nurton, Cliff Ette, Joe Gill


1934 35 copy

William Seabrooke (Hon. Team Secretary), Frank Owen, Stan Reece, Bert Hill*, Wally Gatward, William J. Green (Hon. Secretary), Laurie Green, George Gray, W.Sanderson
H.Webb, Albert Doig, Charlie Bunce , Arthur Skitt, Percy Higgins
St Albans City 3-1 Bishop's Stortford
F.A. Amateur Cup 2nd Round Qualifying
20th October 1934


1935 36 Sep 7 copy

William Seabrooke (Hon. Team Secretary), George Martindale, Jack Squire*, Stan Reece, Bert Crownshaw, Don Wallage, Bert Hill*, Percy Higgins , Arthur Skitt, William J. Green (Hon. Secretary)
W.Parsons, Sid Bidewell, Charlie Bunce , Jack Richardson, Ken Baldwin
St Albans City 3-1 Shredded Wheat
F.A. Amateur Cup Preliminary Round. Att: 1,900
21st September 1935, Clarence Park


1938 39 Team 2 copy

Bert Hill*, Jack Smith, George Martindale, Ron Wells, Cyril Longman, Wally Cohen, Albert Martin, David Rand, Jack Squire*
n/k, J.W.Miller, Len Hard, Jack Braithwaite, Bert Dyke, Sid Bunce, Sid Hopkins (Hon. Secretary)
St Albans City 2-0 Hitchin Town
Herts Charity Cup Final.
13th May 1939, Clarence Park  


1946 47 Team

Jack Ball (Coach), Gordon Wilkinson, Les Durham, Jack Smith, Terry Gibbons, Eric Wilkinson, Jack Coates, Reg Simms (Team Secretary)


1947 48 Team

Bertie Butcher (Trainer), Gordon Wilkinson, Harvey Dockerill (Hon. Secertary), Charlie Wood, Fred Collings, Terry Gibbons, Fred Chisholm, Albert Martin, Reg Simms (Team Secretary)
14th February 1948, Clarence Park


1948 49 Haute Marne 2

Bertie Butcher (Trainer), Fred Collings, Sid Sullivan, Harry Rawlings, Billy Williams (Coach)
Jimmy Sperrin, Dickie Lucas, Jack Chappell, Bill Hussey
Jack Smith, Gordon Wilkinson, Ernie Handscomb
18th April 1949, Clarence Park


1949 50 Ilford copy

Billy Williams (Coach), Fred Collings, Ken Facey, Alf Sale, Ernie Handscomb, Gordon Wilkinson, Dickie Lucas, Harry Rawlings, Harvey Dockerill (Hon. Secretary)
Jimmy Sperrin, Jack Chappell, Bill Hussey, Dave Sayers, Bill Green
29th October, Newbury Park, Ilford


1949 50

Harvey Dockerill (Hon. Secretary), Sid Sullivan, Gordon Wilkinson, n/k, Bert Rivers, Ken Gower, Alf Hobbs (Chairman), Billy Williams (Coach)
Bertie Butcher (Trainer), J.Smith, Dickie Lucas, Fred Collings, Dave Sayers, Bill Saunders , Reg Simms (Hon. Team Secretary)
Jimmy Sperrin, Frank Adams , Ernie Handscomb


1950 51 Oct 2 1 v Tufnell Park copy

Alf Hobbs (Chairman), Bertie Butcher (Trainer), Frank Soo (Coach), Fred Collings, Jim Trueman, Harry Rawlings, Gordon Wilkinson, Charlie Hill*, Harvey Dockerill (Hon. Secretary)
Johnny Croucher, Ernie Handscomb, Harry Burgess, Norman Griffiths
Roy Croft, Peter Rogers, Fred Fuller, Jimmy Meadows, Eddie Scott
21st October 1950, Clarence Park
*Committee Member


1950 51 Herts Senior Cup copy

Gerry Bishop, Jimmy Sperrin, Harry Rawlings, Jim Trueman, Fred Collings, Jimmy Meadows, Gordon Wilkinson, Bill Hussey, John Richards, Bill Saunders , Johnny Croucher
Hitchin Town 0-3 St Albans City
Herts Senior Cup Final
5th May 1951, Underhill, Barnet


1954 55 HSCw copy

Alf Law, Jack Richards, Ron McCormack, Peter Smith , John Lay, Dennis Wells
Alan Tompkins,  Fred Collings, Fred Turner, Eric Skipp, Jim Nottage
Bishop's Stortford 0-1 St Albans City
Herts Senior Cup Final
11th April 1955, Underhill, Barnet


1955 56

Ron McCormack, Alan Tompkins, Terry Prebble, Fred Turner, John Lay, Alf Law
Henry Bird, Chick Head, Fred Collings, Peter Smith , Eric Skipp
Letchworth Town 1-4 St Albans City
Herts Senior Cup Final
2nd April 1956
Top Field, Hitchin. Att: 2,800


1956 57 HSC winners copy

Alf Law, Ron McCormack, Terry Prebble, Bill Southern, Lou Channer, Ken Evans
Henry Bird, Jimmy Norris, Fred Collings, Clive Greenwood, Alan Tompkins
Hitchin Town 1-5 St Albans City
Herts Senior Cup Final
22nd April 1957, Underhill, Barnet


SAC in Verneuil Sur Avre France 5 06 1960 copy

Barrie King, Bill Southern, Joe Fuentes, Maurice Walby , John Roe
Ron Wood, Keith Rand, Don Falconer, Danny Desmond, Alan Carter, Herbie Smith
Welper 1-1 St Albans City
Victor Linart-Ilford Trophy
6th June 1960, Stade Vernolien (France)


1960 61

Peter Clarke, Bill Southern, Maurice Walby , Mike Locker, Barrie King, Trevor Colman, Stuart McLean
Eddie Rolfe, Brian Figg, Barry Payne, Brian Nisbet, Malcolm Tomlinson


1961 62 Barking copy Trevor Colman, Gordon Sedgeley, Barrie King, Fred Cavener, Barry Payne, Alan King
Eddie Rolfe, Herbie Smith, Danny Desmond, Alan McDonnell, Ken Dowler
Barking 2-1 St Albans City
Isthmian League
27th January 1962
Vicarage Fields, Barking


1961 62 Reserves IL runners up copy

St Albans City Reserves
Les Meaton, Mick Sweeney, Dave Westcott, George Marsden, John Walter, Harry Cartwright
Dave Hart, Keith Rand, Ron McCormack, John Mantell, Brian Haggerty
Isthmian League Reserve Section Runners Up. Aubrey Cup Winners


1962 63 at Tooting

John Draper, Dave Bromley, John Hannan, Mick Rose, Tony Hoare, Barry Payne
Eddie Rolfe, Herbie Smith, Danny Desmond, Vic Kitchener, Derek Jarmin
Tooting & Mitcham United 3-0 St Albans City
Isthmian League
29th September 1962, Sandy Lane, Mitcham


1962 63 Reserves Herts Intermediate Cup winners copy

St Albans City Reserves
Dick East (Hon. Secretary), Mike Sweeney, Les Meaton, John Adamson, John Clement, Ken Evans, Dave Westcott
John Walters, Vic Kitchener, David Hann, Phil Wood , Ray Batchelor
Herts Intermediate Cup Winners


1964 65 H.Smith 1 copy Phil Wood , Dave Westcott, Dickie Last, Dave Bromley, Alan McDonnell
Dave Sills, Roy Agar, Brian Nisbet, Jim Whiting, Herbie Smith, Billy Spicer


1964 65 Padova copy

Dave Bromley, Jim Whiting, Ray McHale, Herbie Smith, Rodney Wing, Phil Wood , Bob Humphrey, Brian Nisbet, Brian George, Dave Lawrence, Tony Hoare
Padova 2-2 St Albans City
June 1965, Padova, Italy


1967 68 StevenageF copy

Allan Wyatt, Mick Harman, Keiron Sommers, Bill Fowler, Dave Bromley, Mick Doyle, Bill Broomfield
Dave Lawrence, Bobby Childs, Alan McDonnell, Dave Bassett, Phil Wood
St Albans City 1-2 Stevenage Town
15th August 1967, Clarence Park


1968 69 Dennis Gibbs back row far right copy

Les Burgess , Bill Fowler, Micky Harman, Micky Doyle, Dick Haggar, Dennis Gibbs
Ray Ceresale, Bill Broomfield, Phil Wood , John Butterfield, Johnny Mann, Bobby Childs


 1968 69 copy

Dennis Gibbs, Mick Harman, Les Burgess , Ian Lomas, Dave Neville
Brian Francis (Trainer), Bobby Childs, Phil Wood , Bill Ratty, John Butterfield, Ron Whiteaker
Peter Spittle, John Mann, Dave Lawrence, Bill Broomfield, Paul White


1968 69 Team Maidenhead copy

Dave Lawrence, Les Burgess , Ron Whiteaker, Phil Wood , Dennis Gibbs, Dave Neville
Mick Harman, Bill Ratty, Bobby Childs, John Butterfield, Bill Broomfield, John Mann
Maidenhead United 0-1 St Albans City
F.A. Amateur Cup 4th Round Qualifying
23rd November 1968, York Road, Maidenhead


1969 70 v Dagenham copy

Brian Simpson (Trainer), Les Burgess , John Oxley, Trevor Howard, Tony Mackie, Tony Turley, Bill Broomfield, Dave Neville
Paul White, Bobby Childs, John Butterfield, Dave Lawrence, Bill Ratty, Phil Wood , Dennis Gibbs


1970 71 copy

Mike Pardey, John Oxley, Les Burgess , Trevor Howard, Ray Bloxham, Paul White, Phil Wood
Les Picking, Roger Grant, Bobby Childs, Dave Neville, John Butterfield, Tony Roberts
Inset: Paul Collett
Mascot: Stephen Eldridge


1971 72 b copy

Mick Humphrey (Trainer), Sid Prosser (Manager), Tony Brothers, John Oxley, David Hogwood, Les Burgess , Kevin O'Brien, Phil Wood , Ray Bloxham
Dave Neville, John Dixon, Bill Ratty, Roger Grant, Geoff Anthony


1972 73 A copy

Tony Brothers, Chris Clark, Dave Sharkey, Ray Bloxham, David Hogwood, Maurice Howkins, Less Burgess
Dennis Gill, Bill Ratty, Roger Grant, Dave Neville, Geoff Anthony
Mascot: Vince Rickard


1972 73 2b copy

Alan Droy, Graham Thompson, Roy Butler, Doug Parkin , John Hobbis, Newton Ashman, Les Burgess
Dennis Gill, Dave Webb, David Hogwood, Chris Clark, Allan Hunter
Mascot: Vince Rickard


1973 74 b copy

Ian Wolstenholme, Ivan Johnson, Barry Hewitt, John Field, Tony Gough, Nick O'Donoghue
Mel Bevans, Chris Duggan, David Hogwood, Ken Ward, Bob Clements


1973 74 newspaper b copy

Tommy Coleman (Manager), Bobby Wiles, Dennis Roach, Chris Clark, Vic Cogger, Wilf Woodend, Colin Flatt (Assistant Manager)
Ian Denholm, Barry Fry , David Hogwood, Colin White, Dennis Murphy, John Field, David Webb


1975 76

Peter Whitlock, Ian Whitehead, Brian Godfrey, Bob Murphy , Joe Kasza, Nick O'Donoghue, Sid Prosser (Manager)
Phil Wood , Paul Mayles , Alan Ayling, Peter Robinson, Roger Grant


1977 78

Bob Murphy (Manager), Willie Whyte, Alan Ayling, Tony Lock, Steve Wyatt, Bob Petty, Ian Whitehead
Les McCormack, Barry Jobson, Chris Duggan, Derek Brown, Paul Mayles , Phil Wood , Brian Wright (Trainer)


1978 79

Tyrone Carter, John Parmenter, Martin Ayling, Peter Robinson, Steve Anscombe, Paul Mayles , Ray Richardson
Eric Carvill, Mick Moran, Bill Green, Phil Wood , George Cooper
St Albans City 3-1 Chesham United
Isthmian League Division One
7th November 1978, Clarence Park


1979 80

George Cooper, Paul Massey, Ian Whitehead, Gary Evans, Jed Kerr, Peter Robinson, Bill Green
John Butterfield, Phil Wood , Dave Lawrence, John Mawhinney, Seamus Byrne


1979 80 b copy

Peter Lawrence (Coach), Paul Massey, Jed Kerr, Dave Leonard, Alan Easterbrook , Paul Cotter, Ian Whitehead, Lionel Dorset
Bill Green, George Cooper, Dave Lawrence, John Butterfield, John Mawhinney
St Albans City 2-4 Cheshunt
Herts Charity Cup 1st Round
11th August 1979, Clarence Park


1980 81

Phil Evans, Ian Whitehead, Terry Minnett, Ian Plumbley, Mark Pearson, Dave Leonard, Dave Bartley, John Mawhinney
Phil Wood , John Dear, Neil Levy, Dave Lawrence, John Butterfield, Jon Sille, George Cooper


1981 82

Jon Sille, Chris Myers, Roland Malcolm, Dave Leonard, Steve Cooper, Ian Whitehead
Dave Parratt, Dave O'Reilly, Micky Eldridge, John Dear, Les Boughey


Tus Hochhein v SAC

Ken McFarland (Physio), Phil Wood , Gordon Wright (Reporter), Kevin Hull, Rob Watson (Reporter), Roy Butler, Laurie Ryan, Steve Pattison, Alan Ryan, John Butterfield, n/k, Stuart Fitzsimmons, Bill Baldry, Ray Tucker
Tus Hochheim (West Germany) 3-2 St Albans City
May 1983


1982 83 Reserves

St Albans City Reserves
Brett Vince, Phil Wood (Player/Manager), Martin Stanley, Glen Tyler, Trevor Cox, Phil Russell, Henry Rios, Jeremy Bassill, Martin White Gary Lockerby, Stuart Fitzsimmons, Les Johnson, Phil Foster, Mark Riddell


1983 84

Neil Dudman, Rob Smale , Mark Pearson, Dave Leonard, Terry Benning, Paul Marriott
Steve Oliver , Laurie Ryan, John Watt, Steve Pattison, Ray Tucker, Gary Keen


1985 86 copy

Steve Perrin, Iain Dowie, Terry Benning, Mark Pearson, Bob Dowie , Neil Jeffrey, Alan Paradise, John Mitchell (Manager)
Nigel Wilson, Steve Oliver , John Watt, Mick O'Shea, Gary Keen, Martin Gurney


1985 86 1st Res Yth Officials copy

Ron Mann (Hon. Secretary), Brian Pyke*, Mike Watson-Challis (Chairman), Bob Gaffney (Physio), Matt Hughes (Youth Team Manager), Nigel Wilson, Paul Delderfield, n/k, Steve Shea, Lee Bozier , Alan Paradise, Tony Kavanagh, n/k, n/k, Peter Lawrence (Reserve Team Manager), John Mitchell (Manager), Robert Murphy (Managing Director)
Gary Keen, John Watt, Jason Court, Rob Smale , Iain Dowie, Steve Perrin, Mark Pearson, Bob Dowie , Terry Benning, George Cooper, Roger Wade, Gary Crampton, Martin Gurney , Ron Duke (Assistant Manager)
Chris Murphy, Paul Roads, Peter Sullivan, Ian Thornton, Marvin Bates, Bobby Storey, Tony Perks, Gary McShane, Graham Golds
*Committee Member. n/k = not known


1985 86 Reserves a copy

St Albans City Reserves
Peter Lawrence (Manager), Alex Petrides, Iain Dowie, Steve Shea, Lee Bozier , Paul Turner, Shane Dunnett, Paul Delderfield, Graham Coleman (Physio)
Ray Tucker, Mark Barnard, Graham Golds, Geoff Kirby, Bobby Storey, Graham Harding


1985 86 Youth copy

St Albans City Youth
Graham Golds, Matt Hughes (Manager), Peter Sullivan, Ian Thornton, Lee Attfield, Lee Bozier , Chris Murphy, Paul Tate, Marvin Bates, Graham Coleman (Physio)
Mark Barnard, Tony Perks, Keith Furness, Bobby Storey, Geoff Kirby, David Cutmore


1986 87

John Mitchell (Manager), Mick O'Shea, Steve O'Neill, Alan Paradise, Rob Smale , John Lacy , Terry Benning, Steve Perrin, Nigel Johnson, Mark Pearson, Bev Long (Physio), Rory Gleeson, Les Littlechild (Dressing Room Steward), Ted Goldney (Assistant Manager)
Warren Kelly, Noel Fletcher, Allan Cockram , John Watt, Mark Biggins, Martin Gurney , Phil Driver
St Albans City 2-1 Worthing
Isthmian League Premier Division
28th April 1987, Clarence Park


1986 87 HCCf copy

Nigel Johnson, Mark Pearson, Rob Smale , John Lacy , Martin Gurney , Steve O'Neill, Steve Perrin
Terry Benning, John Watt, Allan Cockram , Noel Fletcher, Mark Biggins, Warren Kelly
Boreham Wood 1-2 St Albans City
Herts Charity Cup Final
30th April 1987, Broughinge Road


SAC Alzey 30 May 1987 b copy

Syd Wells (Match Secretary), Barry Butterfield (Reserve Team Secretary), Bev Long (Physio), Peter Lawrence (Reserve Team Manager), Les Littlechild (Dressing Room Steward), Robert Murphy (Managing Director), Ray Kierstenson (Coach), Ted Goldney (Assistant Manager)
Warren Kelly, Mick O'Shea, Tony Caines, Terry Benning, Geoff Kirby, Alan Paradise, Lee Bozier , Jon Friend, Mark Barnard, John Colfer, John Watt, Martin Gurney , Paul Lowe
30th May 1987
Wartburg Stadium
Alzey, Germany


1986 87 Reserves

St Albans City Reserves
Peter Lawrence (Manager), Barry Butterfield (Hon. Reserve Team Secretary), Roy Fellowes, Tony Perks, Lee Bozier , Rory Gleeson, Phil Walker, Graham Coleman (Physio), Dave Storey (Youth Team Liaison)
Geoff Kirby, Mark Barnard, Paul Lowe, Tony Caines, John Colfer, Jon Friend, Nick Casali


1986 87 v Yeovil T

John Mitchell (Manager), Steve Perrin, Rob Smale , Terry Benning, Mark Pearson, Iain Dowie, Neil Jeffrey, Bob Dowie , Bev Long (Physio)
Alan Paradise, Mick O'Shea, John Watt, Martin Gurney , Warren Kelly, Gary Keen
St Albans City 0-0 Yeovil Town
Isthmian League Premier Division
23rd August 1986,  Clarence Park


1987 88 Chris Jones, Rob Smale , John Lacy , Mark Pearson, Steve Perrin, Terry Benning, Alan Paradise, Bev Long (Physio)
Carl Stock, Roy Parkyn, Noel Fletcher, Allan Cockram , Martin Gurney , Roy Fellowes, Jon Friend, Warren Kelly
St Albans City 3-1 Carshalton Athletic
Isthmian League Premier Division
22nd August 1987, Clarence Park


1987 88 reserves

Barry Butterfield (Reserve Team Hon. Secretary), Mick O'Shea, Steve Sapsford, Marvin Bates, Andy Goodchild, Paul Toms, Robert Howe, John Lacy , Peter Lawrence (Manager)
Shane Dunnett, Jason Kirby, Geoff Kirby, Nigel Hann, Richard Howe
St Albans City 2-0 Barton Rovers
Southern Combination League
5th May 1988, Clarence Park


1988 89

Terry Nightingale, Roy Butler (Assistant Manager), Foug Parkin (Manager), Steve Perrin, Andy Cox, Graham Coles, Mark Pearson, Robert Howe, Andy Goodchild, Sean Priddle, Mick O'Shea, Graham Coleman (Physio), Les Littlechild (Dressing Room Steward), Ron Mann (Hon. Secretary)
Steve Oliver , Martin Gurney , Trevor Parker, Nigel Johnson, Tony Kelly, Dean Austin, Nigel Hann


1989 90

Rob Smale , Andy Cox, Paul O'Reilly, Neil Henry, Jeremy Arnull, Lance Pedlar, Chris Armitage (Coach), Kevin Mudd, Laurence Ward, Mark Barnard, Matt Howard, Greg White, Peter Lawrence (Manager)
(City Youth players) Martin Edwards,  Jonathan Jenkins, ?, Lewis Deradour, Tom Crowne, Steven Smallman, ?, Paul Goom, Derek Coughlan, ?
Steve Oliver , (City Youth players)  ?,  Andrew Pallett,  Roland James,  ?,  Peter Morgan,  Gavin Dawe, ?, ?, Adam Garden. Peter Sansom


1989 90 Jan

Dereck Mardle (Scout), Peter Lawrence (Manager), Tony Kelly, Lance Pedlar, Neil Henry, Andy Cox, Matt Howard, Rob Smale , Steve Shea, Chris Armitage (Coach), Graham Coleman (Physio)
Paul O'Reilly, Steve Oliver , John Colfer, Dean Austin, Terry Benning
St Albans City 0-2 Staines Town
Isthmian League Premier Division
20th January 1990, Clarence Park


1991 92a

John Mitchell (Manager), Trevor Wilkinson, Paul Price, Kevin Mudd, Steve Clark , Andy Hopping, John Lacy , Michael Danzey, Bob Dowie , Steve Storey, Ricky Cornish
David Ross , Tony Joyce, Paul Hobson, Steve Scott, Craig Johnstone, Steve Ketteridge, Ian Scott, John Colfer, Jimmy King, Garry Brooke , Bradley Anderson


SAC in Frejus France. May 1992 2 copy Peter Taylor (Statistician), Alan Dowson (Coach), Steve Scott, Bob Dowie , Steve Wallduck, Ian Scott, Paul Price, Michael Danzey, John Mitchell (Manager), Bernard Tominey (Chairman), Ken Hill (President), n/k, n/k
Leigh Page*, Andy Cox, Martin Duffield, Paul Halbert, Jimmy King, John Colfer, John Harvey (Dressing Room Steward), Alan Cobb*, Colin Harrop (Supporter), Steve Trulock (Hon. Secretary)


SAC in Frejus002 copy

Andy Cox, Paul Price, Jimmy King, Steve Scott, Michael Danzey, Steve Wallduck, Bob Dowie , Ian Scott, Martin Duffield, John Colfer, Kevin Mudd, Paul Halbert
Frejus 2-2 St Albans City
14th May 1992
Stade Pourcin, Frejus


1992 93 copy

Steve Ketteridge, Martin Gurney , Gary Westwood, Shaun Brett, Martin Duffield, Steve Clark , Roy Race, Allan Cockram , Kevin Mudd, Paul Price, Paul Hayward (Physio), John Mitchell (Manager)
John Colfer, Dean Williams , Jimmy King, Bradley Anderson, Roy Edwards, Peter Risley , Steve Scott


1994 95 copy

Barry Blackman, Andy Polston, Brian Stein, Steve Clark , Dean Murphy, Richard Watkiss, Allan Cockram (Joint Manager), Martin Duffield (Joint Manager), Gareth Howells , Kevin Mudd, Martin Gurney , Jude Monteath (Physio)
Trevor Wilkinson, Shaun Brett, Erskine Smart, John Colfer, Andy Driscoll, Steve Bradshaw, Peter Risley , Pat Staunton, Roy Edwards


1994 95 LCCf v Fisher 93058 copy

Jude Monteath (Physio), Erskine Smart, Richard Watkiss, Barry Blackman, Kevin Mudd, Steve Clark , Martin Gurney , Trevor Wilkinson, Steve Scott
Gareth Howells , Martin Duffield, Shaun Brett, Andy Driscoll, Peter Risley , Rob McKane
Fisher 93 0-6 St Albans City
London Challenge Cup Final
15th May 1995, The Valley, Charlton


1994 95 HCCf v BW copy

Martin Duffield, Dereck Brown, Steve Clark , Gareth Howells , Martin Gurney , Kevin Mudd, Richard Watkiss, Trevor Wilkinson

Barry Blackman, Erskine Smart, Shaun Brett, Andy Driscoll, Andy Polston

Allan Cockram

St Albans City 2-1 Boreham Wood

Herts Charity Cup Final

2nd May 1995, Clarence Park


St Albans City v Arsenal

St Albans City: Garry Attrell, Barry Blackman, Darren Coleman, Jon Daly, Steve Clark , Kevin Mudd, Martin Gurney

Greg Howell, Gareth Howells

Richard Blake, Greg Howell, Erskine Smart, Gareth Howells

Arsenal: Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Steve Bould, David Platt, Ray Parlour, Martin Keown, Dennis Bergkamp, David Seaman, Glenn Helder

Ian Wright, Nigel Winterburn

St Albans City 0-5 Arsenal

Friendly. Att: 4,200

15th August 1995, Clarence Park


Arsenal 19 07 1996 22 copy

Alan Randall (Manager), Nassem Bashir, John Hartson, Paul Clark, Rob Haworth, Lee Dixon, Stephen Hughes (hidden), Kevin Mudd, Ray Parlour, Ian Wright, Lee Harper, Steve Clark , Martin Keown, Andy Polston, Nigel Winterburn, Steve Bould, Jon Daly (partially hidden), Peter Risley , Andy Linighan, Greg Howell, Paul Merson, Barry Blackman

Gareth Howells , Micky Gilchrist (Assistant Manager)

St Albans City 0-6 Arsenal


19th July 1996, Clarence Park


1996 97 with officials copy

Malcolm McMillan (President), Graham McDougall (Managing Director), Richard Evans, Jon Daly, Kevin Mudd, Darren Coleman, Gareth Howells , Rob Haworth, Barry Blackman, Jay Thomas, Steve Clark , Steve Trulock (Hon. Secretary), Bill Nicholson (Hon. Treasurer)

Bernard Tominey (Chairman), Erskine Smart (Assistant Manager), Gary Cobb, Andy Polston, Richard Watkiss, Peter Risley , Greg Howell, Jude Monteath (Physio), Steve Eames (Football Secretary)

Joel Swain, Richard Blake, Naseem Bashir, Cass Hoy


1997 98

Wes Foley, Gary Caldon, Paul Turner, Ashley Vickers , Jon Daly, Richard Evans, Steve Clark , Barry Backman, Kevin Mudd, John Cheesewright

Gareth Howells , Tom Meredith, Justin Gentle, Matt Jones, Rob Haworth


SAC v Arsenal 4 copy

Stephen Hughes, n/k, Geoff Cooper, Richard Evans, Andre Deleon, Dennis Bergkamp, Rob Haworth, Simon Webster, Barry Blackman, Jon Daly, Simon Martin , Giles Grimandi, Ray Parlour, Peter Risley , Kevin Mudd, David Platt, Steve Clark , Steve Bould, Alex Manninger, Emmanuel Petit, Greg Howell

Paul Adolphe, n/k, Paul Campbell, Luis Boa Morte, Ian Selley, Gareth Howells , Wes Foley, Nigel Winterburn, Gary Cobb, Justin Gentle

St Albans City 1-4 Arsenal


8th July 1997, Clarence Park


SAC v Tottenham H 11 Aug 1998 copy

Rob Haworth, Les Ferdinand, Mark Keen, Paul Newell, Espen Baardsen, Allan Neilsen, Darren Anderton, Andy Polston, Ramon Vega, Chris Turner (Linesman), Norman Appleby (Referee), Chris Thorpe (Linesman), Neil Trebble, Paul Turner, Peter Risley , Sol Campbell, Kevin Mudd, Steve Blaney, Steve Clark
Paolo Tramezzani, Dominic Gentle, David Ginola, Stephen Carr, Matt Jones, Rory Allen, Tom Meredith, John Pollard, Gary Caldon, Jose Dominguez
St Albans City 2-6 Tottenham Hotspur


1998 99

Mark Kane, Paul Turner, Andy Polston, Mark Keen, Paul Newell, Rob Haworth, Richard Evans, Steve Blaney, John Pollard, Jimmy Carstairs

Peter Risley , Gary Cobb, Justin Gentle, Matt Jones, Dominic Gentle, Scott Witney


1998 99 27 02 99 SAC at Dagenham copy

Kevin Mudd, Jimmy Carstairs, Rob Haworth, Mark Keen, Steve Clark , Paul Turner, Andy Polston, Lenny Piper

Peter Risley , Andy Lomas, Tom Meredith, Dominic Gentle, Justin Gentle

Dagenham & Redbridge 1-2 St Albans City

FA Trophy 5th Round

27th February 1998, Victoria Road


1999 2000

The Summer Signings 1999
Sean James, Frankie McCormack, Chris McMenamin, Steve Heard, David Pratt, Martin Randall, Mark Rooney, Lee Harvey.
Ed Stein (Assistant Manager), Peter Lawrence (Coach), Bob Dowie (Manager)


2001 02 1 copy

Danny Honeyball, Mike Bignall, Jon Rattle, Younes Nabil, Gary Wraight, Rob Smith

Darren Fenton, Richard Evans, Christian Metcalfe, Gary Ansell, Corey Campbell, Richard Wilmot

Derek Brown, Andy Linighan, Steve Cook (Joint Manager), Gary Roberts (Joint Manager), Steve Rutter, Richard Goddard, Ryan Moran


2001 02

Gary Roberts , Simon Martin , Richard Evans, Richard Wilmot, Ryan Moran, Rob Smith, Gary Wraight,

Steve Cook , Rob Kean, Danny Honeyball, Younis Nabil, Darren Baxter


2002 03 a copy

Steve Castle , Gary Roberts (Manager), Adie Blundell (Physio), Simon Martin , Derek Brown, Leon Townley, Richard Wilmot, Corey Campbell, Ryan Moran, Richard Evans, Miguel de Souza, Rob Gould, Steve Cook (Assistant Manager)

Scott Oakes, John Challinor, Gary Crawshaw, Rob Kean, Garry Sippetts, Rob Smith, Beckett Hollenbach , Dominic Naylor


2004 05 v Newport County 29 1 2005 copy

Tom Beech , Chris Seeby , Paul Bastock , Ben Martin , Ben Walshe , Gary Elphick

Dean Hooper , Matt Hann , Lee Clarke , Nick Roddis , Ram Marwa

Newport County 1-0 St Albans City

Conference South

29th January, Newport Stadium


2004 05 10 7 04 copy

Adam Park, Neil Gough, Craig Rydeheard, Ben Cogger, Graeme Butler, Matt Hann , Miguel de Souza, Darren Sarll, Richard Thomas, James Robinson, Chris Seeby

Worms 2-2 St Albans City


10th July 2004, Wormatia Stadion, Germany


2005 06 copy

Nick Roddis (Assistant Manager), Dean Cracknell , Tom Davis , Ben Patten , Paul Bastock , Chris Seeby , Ricky Perks , Ben Martin , Tom Beech , Simon Martin , John Fenely (Dressing Room Steward), Jason Laird (Physio)

Yohance Lewis, Lee Clarke , Scott Cousins , Mark Graham , Colin Lippiatt (Manager), Paul Hakim , Anthony Allman , Patrick Ada , Carl Kavanagh


2005 06 Mayors XI 2 10 05 copy

Steve Clark , Barry Blackman, Jon Daly, Trevor Wilkinson, Malcolm MacMillan (Mayor of St Albans), Gareth Howells , Kevin Mudd, Alasdair McMillin, Gary Phillips, n/k

Andy Polston, Roy Edwards, Allan Cockram , Peter Risley , John Colfer, n/k. n/k

HMS St Albans 1-6 Mayor's All Stars

Mayor's Charity Match

12th February 2006, Clarence Park


2006 07 21 August 2006 copy

John Fenely (Dressing Room Steward), Ram Marwa , Josh Sozzo, Tom Davis , Gary Elphick , Ben Martin , Ricky Perks , Chris Seeby , Simon Martin , Ben Lewis , Lee Clarke , Dave Theobald, Dean Cracknell , Jason Laird (Physio)

Adam Wilde, Matt Hann , Paul Hakim , Nick Roddis (Assistant Manager), Colin Lippiatt (Manager), Rob Norris, Dane Harper, Lee Flynn

21st August 2006


2007 08 at Kettering copy

James Baker, Reiss Noel, Chris Seeby , Ram Marwa , Byron Bubb, Paul Semakula, Marcel McKie, Mark Beard, Paul Bruce, Lee Clarke , Ben Walshe , Hector Mackie , Joe Welch, Michael Harvey, Guy Lopez

Gary Burrell, Matt Hann , Nick Eyre, Gary Elphick , Hassim Deen, Hassan Sulaiman

Kettering Town 0-1 St Albans City

A-Line Tournament

15th July 2007, Rockingham Road, Kettering

Clarence Park


2008 09 23 08 2008 copy

Sean Ridgway, Ben Bowditch , James Fisher , Rod Hicks, Paul Bastock , Ryan Frater , Chris Adams, Ben Martin , Chris Seeby , Simon Martin , James Quilter

Tom Youngs, James Archer, Scott Cousins , Andy Edwards (Assistant Manager), Steve Castle (Manager), Charlotte Gautry (Physio), Hassan Sulaiman , Paul Hakim , Jonathan Hunt , Hamza Twomey

St Albans City 1-2 Chelmsford City

Conference South

23rd August 2008,  Clarence Park


2010 11 v Watford 17 07 10 copy

Glodi Kweme, Inih Effiong , Ryan Frater , Mark Peters , James Fisher

Scott Sinclair, Joe Clemo, Rob Magwood , Peter Smith , Paul Bastock , Drew Roberts

St Albans City 0-2 Watford


17th July 2010, Clarence Park


2011 12 copy

John Fenely (Dressing Room Steward), Joakim Ehui, Nathan Haisley, Brian Haule, Sam Lyon, John Sonuga, Matt Cutchley, David Ijaha, Nick Jupp, Revee Yorke, Rob Haworth, Jerome Walker, Ryan Moran, Sam Backhouse (Physio)

Solomon Shields , James Bent, Danny Hart, Barrie Matthews, Sakho Bakare, Ken Charlery (Assistant Manager), David Howell (Manager), Stuart Crawford (Coach), Rob Magwood , Adam Fry, Marvin Alebiosu, Ryan Watts, Ress Deadman


2012 13 a copy

John Fenely (Dressing Room Steward), Micah Hyde, Barry Hayles, Richard Graham , Curtis Ujah, Nick Hardy, David Ijaha, Nick Jupp, Chris Seeby , Aaron Lansiquot, Gareth Risbridger, Moussa Diarra, Ken Charlery (Assistant Manager)

Eddie Lester (Coach), Stuart Crawford (Reserve Team Coach), Chris Henry, Sean Shields , Anton Blackwood, Jimmy Gray (Player & Joint Youth Team Manager), David Howell (Manager), Danny Gordon, Lewis Toomey, Ryan Watts, Layne Eadie, Sam Backhouse (Physio), Graham Golds (Joint Youth Team Manager)


St Albans City Herts Charity Cup Final. 25 Aprl 2013 5 copy

Simon Martin , Fabio Bufano, James Kaloczi, Tom Coulton, Bradley Wadkins, Josh Urquhart, Ryan Wharton

Layne Eadie, Matt Taylor, David Keenleyside, Chris Henry

St Albans City 3-2 Bishop's Stortford

Herts Charity Cup Final

25th April 2013, Clarence Park


2013 14 copy

Mark Boyce (Coach), Harry Wheeler (Coach), Ryan Wharton, Howard Hall, John Frendo, Elliot Bailey, Aryan Tajbakhsh, Tom Coulton, James Kaloczi, Darren Locke, Chris O'Leary, David Keenleyside, James Comley, Leo Ferdinand (Physio), Zac Chandler (Physio)

Danny Green, Mark Nwokeji , Richard Graham , Greg Ngoyi, Jimmy Gray (Joint Manager), Ben Martin , Graham Golds (Joint Manager), Chris Henry, Layne Eadie, Lee Chappell , Ryan Ashe, Matt Taylor, John Fenely (Dressing Room Steward)


2014 15 RWb copy

Joel Watson, Warren McBean, Zac Chandler (Physio), Elliott Buchanan, Tom Ward

John Fenely (Dressing Room Steward), Rhys Toms (Goalkeeping Coach), Darren Locke, Loick Pires, Joe Welch, Lee Clarke , Lee Chappell , Tom Coulton, David Keenleyside, Kayode Bola, Mark Boyce (Coach), Leo Ferdinand (Physio)

Howard Hall, Danny Green, Steve Wales, Sam Corcoran, Graham Golds (Joint Manager), Ben Martin , James Comley, Jimmy Gray (Joint Manager), Matt Taylor, Elliot Bailey, John Kyriacou


2016 17 copy

Dipo Akinyemi, Ryan Johnson, Josh Hill, Louie Theophanous, Ian Rees, Tom Bender, Darren Locke

Ross Caseberry (Physio), Rhys Hoenes, Shaun Lucien, James Russell, Matt Ball, Andrew Iwediuno, Billy Gibson, Rhys Tom (Goalkeeper Coach)

Junior Morias, Ben Herd, Lee Allinson (Assistant Manager), Ian Allinson (Manager), Lee Chappell , Scott Thomas, Sam Merson


2016 17 Carlisle Utd FAC 6 11 2016 RW copy

Louie Theophanous, Scott Thomas, David Noble, Lee Chappell , Josh Hill, Tom Bender, George Casey, Junior Morias, James Russell, Ben Herd

St Albans City 3-5 Carlisle United

FA Cup 1st Round. Att: 3,473

6th November 2016, Clarence Park


2017 18 Leigh Page 3 Aug 2017 copy

Rhys Tom (Goalkeeper Coach), Layne Eadie, Solomon Sambou, Kieran Monlouis, Tom Gardiner, Dean Snedker, Sam Merson, Harold Joseph, Tom Bender, Jack Saville, Percy Kiangebeni, Ryan Jefferies (Physio)

Ben Herd, Zane Banton, Charlie Walker, Ian Allinson (Manager), David Noble, Lee Allinson (Assistant Manager), Shaun Lucien, Scott Thomas, Rhys Murrell-Williamson

3rd August 2017

Clarence Park


2018 19 Leigh Page 2 08 2018 copy

Ben Herd, Khale Da Costa, Ralston Gabriel, Tom Bender, Sam Merson, David Moyo

Jason Scannell (Goalkeeper Coach), James Sage, Dave Diedhiou, Richard Sho-Silva, Dean Snedker, Tarik Moore-Azille, Harold Joseph, Zane Banton, Graham Allinson (Kit Manager)

Percy Kiangebeni, Ben Wyatt, Ian Allinson (Manager), David Noble, Glen Alzapiedi (Assistant Manager), Solomon Sambou, Roman Michael-Percil

25th August 2018

Clarence Park


2019 20 Leigh Page 1 08 2019 copy

Paul MacInnes (Physio), Dave Sandiford (Goalkeeping Coach), Dave Diedhiou, David Longe-King, Sam Merson, Rhys Murrell-Williamson, Dean Snedker, Bobson Bawling, Alfie Bonfield, James Kaloczi, Solomon Nwabuokei, Devante Stanley, Oli Sprague, Graham Allinson (Kit Manager)

Darren Foxley, Zane Banton, Joe Iaciofano, David Noble, Glen Alzapiedi (Assistant Manager), Ian Allinson (Manager), Tom Bender, Scott Shulton, Albert Adu-Donyinah, Taylor Miles


Herts Advertiser, Robert Walkley, Leigh Page, John Sherwood, Evening Echo, Ray Stanton, Jackie McAll, Peter Taylor, David Tavener.